COVID-19 PCR Self-Sampling Kit

COVID-19 PCR Self-Sampling Kit

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Have your PCR Self-Sampling Kit delivered to your home address in Switzerland. Our services include the analysis. 


When ordering the kit, you can choose between:

  • regular self-sampling kit delivery (1-3 workdays)
  • next day delivery
  • self pick-up


The shipping fee is already included in all of our prices.


How does the PCR smear work?


*Make sure you follow the test packaging instructions, as proper wrapping is of utmost importance.

We work with accredited medical laboratories, that are fully certified and work to the highest standards.

Die Analytik der Proben erfolgt bei unserem Laborpartner, der Invenimus AG in Kloten. Invenimus ist vollständig durch Swissmedic zertifiziert.